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Apprenticeship Training – NAITA
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Apprenticeship Training

National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority (NAITA) provides training under the apprenticeship scheme. There are about 150 craft training courses operating under 22 vocational fields and you are able to enter into any vocational training filed according to your educational level. In addition you could follow any vocational training course in any other field under the Situational and Village Level Scheme.



The age should be between 16 Years to 35 Years on the date of forwarding the Application. Age above 35 Years too could be recruited with the Approval of the chairman of this Authority at special events.


Educational Qualification:

  • For Trades categorized under No (1), Should have passed G.C.E.(O/L) Examination with six subjects in not more than two sittings including the medium Language and Mathematics.
    (If apprentices who have passed subjects including the Language at the G.C.E. (O/L) Examination and had failed mathematics and have been selected to follow the trades categorized under No.(1), special math’s course will be organized for such applicants.
  • For Trades categorized under No (2), Should have passed Grade 7 (Year 8) in a government or government approved or assisted school in Sri Lanka.
  • For Trades categorized under No (3), Should have passed Grade 8 (Year 9) in a government or government approved or assisted school in Sri Lanka.
  • Qualifications required for trades categorized under No (4) is given under same trades.

The above mentioned educational qualifications and the age limits will not be applicable to trades which have been prepared according to the skill standards under the National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) frame. Such trades are given under signs.


Benefits of the Apprenticeship Training

  • An Apprentice would receive an opportunity to get himself trained in a Factory, work site, or an office under skilled mechanic in a place where the Apprentices reside.
  • An Apprentice would receive an allowance of Rs.600/= monthly (Only for the first six months of the Training period).
  • Apprentices who have passed the trade test would receive a competency certificate which is accepted locally and internationally.
  • Career guidance and counseling service.
  • The apprentices who have successfully completed the training and had receive certificates will be provided Entrepreneurship Development Training with a self Employment Loan up to Rs.250,000/=


How to enroll:

NAITA has district offices in all 25 districts. You can register in the district office relevant to you by filling the application form.