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Do you have a question about NAITA courses? Here are the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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1 NAITA courses are run by District offices, and there are nearly one hundred centres throughout Sri Lanka.
2 All you have to do is go to your nearest District office and fill a course application form.

We have courses for students who have just passed Grade 8. Pl see the NAITA Trade list.

Your Educational Qualifications will be Sufficient enough.
Courses are available on your educational Qualifications. It’s depending on the Trade you select.

Yes, all successful participants of NAITA courses training are awarded certificates. These certificates are recognized in Sri Lanka and abroad.

  1. Most of the courses are Totally Free.
  2. Very small course fee is charged for some the courses.

Yes, Entrepreneurship Development unit is helping NAITA Trainees to obtain Bank loan and Entrepreneurship training.

  1. A chance to continue your education and training.
  2. A chance to develop new skills.
  3. A chance to gain recognise certificate.
  4. A chance to find good employment.

Yes, All courses are highly recommend in Nationally, and also some courses in International Level

Yes, NAITA have courses upto NVQ 5th level.

NAITA courses are aimed at enhancing the knowledge and the skills of youths to suite to the industry requirement. It will help you in getting a better paid job both in Sri Lanka and abroad.
Training researches shows that persons who attended NAITA training have got jobs soon after such training.

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